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Information Risk Assessment (IRAM2)

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Managing risk is harder than ever before. Digital information has exploded across a plethora of systems, networks, and organisations. It’s not possible to protect all information and associated systems to the same level. Nor would you want to, since threats vary immensely in origin, intent, strength, and capability.

So how do you identify appropriate protection levels for various assets?  How do you justify the spend? And how do you align these controls to your organisation’s business priorities and risk appetite?

ISF Consultancy Information Risk Assessment is a business-focused engagement that provides insight on your threats, vulnerabilities and potential impacts. Leveraging our industry-leading IRAM2 tool, we take an end-to-end approach that enables you and your stakeholders to manage and secure resources against the greatest risks to your organisation.

An ISF Consultancy information risk assessment helps you to:

  • Quickly identify and secure vulnerable business areas
  • Customise your risk assessment approach, implementation and plans for mitigation to align with wider business needs
  • Access knowledge and experience based on years of risk assessment implementations with leading global organisations
  • Ensure best practice is embedded in your risk assessment framework.