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Risk Assessment and Review

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ISF Risk Assessments provide organisations with an understanding of where their greatest information risks are – justifying greater attention and investment in controls and protection – and where a lighter touch can suffice.
Why work with ISF to run your Risk Assessment and Review?

ISF experts provide configuration training for your team members to ensure best use of tools, such as adaptation of the ISF Information Risk Assessment Methodology 2 (IRAM2) toolset for your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our up-to‑date understanding of risk assessment and alignment to the most recent ISF Standard of Good Practice for Information Security (SOGP) allows ISF experts to jump-start your organisation’s benefit from risk assessments to engage stakeholders and prioritise action effectively.

Who will this help?

Risk, audit and compliance teams | Security practitioners.


Running an ISF Risk Assessment and Review enables you to:

Learn from ISF experts who have trained over 1,000 individuals.

Quickly establish an in-house capability to conduct effective, business-centric information risk assessments.

Maximise the benefit from risk assessment with a common, shared approach adopted by organisations worldwide.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to discuss how an ISF Risk Assessment and Review can enhance your team’s ability to deliver actionable assessments of information risk.



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