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ISF Cyber Awareness:
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Cyber security awareness does not end in October

You must ensure that your workforce is well equipped and aware of the ever-present danger that faces your organisation. Whilst Cyber Awareness Month is a great start, the conversation needs to continue all year-round in order to avoid financial and reputational damage.

The ISF Cyber Awareness hub provides the resources and events you need to help you and your organisation protect your data and defend against cybercriminals.

In your FREE cyber security awareness resource kit you will get access to:

  • key ISF research to help prepare and respond to cyber attacks, and enhance cyber awareness in your organisation
  • a cutting-edge catalogue of on-demand webinars and podcasts exploring the latest trends, emerging risks and solutions from ISF Analysts and Sponsors
  • print and digital assets that can be easily shared with your colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers.

Ransomware and Other Cyber Attacks: Stay secure with ISF

This Cyber Awareness video highlights some of the challenges of ransomware attacks and provides non-technical audiences with simple steps to improve online cyber security in a fun, non-judgemental format. It is royalty-free for you to reuse within your organisation and is included in the resource kit.

Do you need a pragmatic approach to tackle cyber crime?

The ISF, in conjunction with CC-DRIVER, a consortium of 13 partner organisations from industry, research and law enforcement backgrounds, have released a report detailing new methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate cybercriminal behaviour. It was found, to achieve optimal output, actors should consider all elements and their interdependencies of the analytical framework to the left.

You can also find useful information for young people, parents, caregivers and educators HERE.

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