AI, Automation and Cyber Ethics: Changing the Game

Josh Jackson
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In this episode, ISF Chief Executive, Steve Durbin, speaks with Josh Jackson, Global Head of Government and Public Services for 6clicks and the Executive Director of the AI Association. As the AI Association’s leader, Jackson advocates and educates government agencies, including the U.S. Congress, about artificial intelligence. Steve and Josh discuss the future of AI, how the workforce can survive the coming robot takeover, the role of government in regulating AI and cyber, and more.

About Josh Jackson

Josh is the Global Head of Public Sector at 6clicks and a Founding Board Member and the Executive Director of The AI Association.  He is an adjunct faculty member at several colleges and universities.  He serves on multiple cybersecurity working groups focused on protecting the Defense Industrial Base and is President of the Emory Alumni Association D.C. Politics & Policy Network. Josh served on an ad hoc committee with the Administrative Conference of the United States to give a statement on Agencies Use of Artificial Intelligence.

I mean, there’s always this possibility that the AI systems can be hacked…They can be fooled, they can be evaded, they can be misled…we have to think about the training of the data, training of the individuals using it, the expectation of model sensitivities.