Good Cyber Strategy Begins and Ends with Alignment to Business Priorities

Juliette Foster & Steve Durbin
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Journalist Juliette Foster interviews ISF Chief Executive Steve Durbin, who discusses the importance of aligning cybersecurity strategies with business goals to protect your crown jewels. Steve emphasises that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, requiring involvement from leadership down to employees. He highlights the need for a unified cultural approach and the benefits of early involvement of security teams in business projects such as mergers and acquisitions.

…The crux of a good cyber strategy is having an alignment with the business strategy, having an alignment with what it is that the organization is looking to do on a daily basis…

Tune in to hear more about:

  1. Aligning cybersecurity strategy with business goals and outcomes (1:36)
  2. Cybersecurity strategies, testing, and budgeting (10:42)
  3. Regulation complexity and its impact on businesses (18:00)
  4. Cybersecurity investment, risk management, and emerging threats (22:44)
  5. Evolving cyber threats and the importance of resilience (26:58)