Leadership Empathy and the Cultural Balance Sheet

Christy Pretzinger and Steve Durbin
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How can leaders cultivate a culture of kindness and empowerment to drive sustained employee commitment?

In this week’s must listen to ISF podcast, Christy Pretzinger, CEO of WriterGirl, and ISF CEO, Steve Durbin sit down to discuss how her vision to establish a business rooted in kindness has blossomed into a vibrant culture centered on employee well-being and empowerment.

…It’s not about the reward. It’s about the recognition…babies cry for it and grown men die for it. That’s what recognition is…

Tune in to hear Steve and Christy talk about:

  • The pivotal role of leadership in shaping company culture and its impact on business prosperity.
  • Curbing the hidden costs of turnover rates.
  • Cultivating an environment where employees envision long-term commitment.