Leading From Afar: Getting the best out of our remote workforce

Jane Hyun
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Global leadership strategist Jane Hyun joins ISF CEO Steve Durbin to discuss tactics for enhancing remote team performance and facilitating productive global meetings. Jane advises leaders to adapt practices to accommodate diverse perspectives. She advocates inclusive meeting approaches to engage all voices, promoting problem-solving and creativity. She stresses the importance of self-awareness in coping with cultural dynamics, offering practical insights for leaders navigating the complexities of managing global teams in today’s interconnected business environment.

…How do we see our business? How do we see our talent in ways that perhaps takes me out of my comfort zone, that widens my perspective of the world…

Tune in to hear more about:

  1. Navigating cultural differences in business leadership (0:00)
  2. Self-awareness and cultural understanding in business leadership (3:18)
  3. Remote work, cultural perspectives, and effective meeting strategies (6:51)