Quantum Computing: The promise and the threat

Konstantinos Karagiannis and Steve Durbin
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Quantum Computing: a positive influence or a potential tool for misuse?

In conversation with Steve Durbin, Konstantinos Karagiannis, Director of Quantum Computing at Protiviti, delves into the possibilities and risks linked to this technology. Konstantinos highlights its advantageous business applications, such as portfolio management and optimisation, while also acknowledging the challenges in policing cloud-based quantum systems.

…We were able to mirror the performance of the NASDAQ 100, with 25 assets instead of 100…It saves companies overhead, you know, less management of assets…

Tune in to hear more about:

1. The future is now! (4:38)
2. What can be done at the university level to resource the industry (7:45)
3. Quantum computing speeds as an advantage (12:17)