The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Shoshana Zuboff
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Steve Durbin, Chief Executive of the ISF, speaks with Harvard professor, social psychologist, philosopher, and scholar Shoshana Zuboff, author of three influential books on tech and society. In this episode, she discusses the themes in her latest book, ​The Age of Surveillance  Capitalism: ​The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power​, the new economic order that claims human experience is free raw material for commercial practices, the expanding attack surface for digital information warfare, and more.

Shoshana Zuboff

Shoshana has devoted her career to the study of the rise of the digital, its individual, organisational and social consequences and its relationship to the history and future of capitalism. She is the bestselling author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The fight for a human future at the new frontier of power” which explores the emergence of surveillance capitalism as the dominant form of information capitalism in the twenty-first century.

So we’re in a new world. It’s a digital world. The digital infrastructure has been commended for this work of economies of action..