How to Reset, Rethink and Refocus

Kate Montague
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Steve Durbin, Chief Executive of the ISF, speaks with actress, voice coach, leadership consultant, and expert in core energetics, or body-led psychotherapy, Kate Montague. Kate discusses the effectiveness in taking time to reset, how leaders need to encourage employees to pause especially in time of remote working and what happens when you stay connected to your body and your breath.

Kate Montague

Kate is an experienced voice practitioner, and somatic therapist, working with individuals and groups across the arts and business and finance sectors. Her work supports individuals and groups that are challenged by constant change, performance stress, public speaking, and the need for flexibility and creativity. Kate’s body-led approach is based on the thinking that ‘our issues are in our tissues’, and that working with soma is a transformative and evolutionary way to deepen self-awareness and restore flow on a holistic level, helping to unlock inner guidance, connect to our authentic voice, and creativity, and our capacity for unlimited potential.

 So I think, I think it takes time as you say, to, to get in there, but once you do, I think the time rearranges itself accordingly. So you redefine your priorities.