The Art of Cultural Fluency in the Workplace

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In part two of ISF CEO Steve Durbin’s conversation with Jane Hyun, they discuss the art of cultural fluency in leadership. Jane defines cultural fluency as the ability to work productively with those who differ from oneself, highlighting the need to adapt behaviours and mindsets in multicultural settings for innovation and cohesion. She illustrates the consequences of cultural mismatches in examples like failed mergers and acquisitions and stresses the importance of attending to small details that can significantly impact team dynamics.

…I usually say, identify a business goal or leadership goal that you have that will make a difference for your work, and then think about how being more effective with cultural fluency can help you achieve that goal…

Tune in to hear more about:

  1. Cultural fluency and its importance in leadership, particularly when working with people from different backgrounds and cultures (0:00)
  2. Cultural fluency in the workplace (6:17)