The Future of Information Integrity

Nina Schick and Steve Durbin
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How might the integrity of information change as we face the rising tide of AI-generated content?

ISF CEO Steve Durbin is joined by Nina Schickauthor and advisor on generative AI, to explore its global ramifications on geopolitics and society. Nina underscores its transformative potential, particularly highlighting the competition for AI supremacy between the US and China. Concerns regarding data integrity are discussed, emphasising the necessity for proactive measures to manage benefits and risks across vital sectors such as healthcare.


…I think that authentication and provenance needs to become a fundamental part of the actual information ecosystem…so that authentication, zero trust almost becomes the norm rather than the exception…


Tune in to hear Nina and Steve talk about:

  • AI’s geopolitical impacts (3:13)
  • Learning about how tech is impacting global affairs (9:53)
  • Regulation challenges (11:55)
  • Nina Schick’s take on the economics of generative AI  (16:27)