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Threat Horizon 2024: The disintegration of trust

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Trust is imperative for any business to be agile and maintain its competitive edge.

However, by 2024 that trust will crumble as organisations learn that regulators can introduce new risks, technology does not always achieve all desired outcomes, and data itself is more susceptible than ever to manipulation and inaccuracy.

Threat Horizon 2024: The disintegration of trust presents nine major threats driven by global events and major developments that organisations can expect to face. These threats are grouped into three themes:

  1. Well-intentioned regulations have unintended consequences
  2. Technology choices diminish control
  3. Dirty data disrupts business

Security professionals will benefit from reviewing the dangers described in Threat Horizon 2024 in their organisational context. Engaging with business leaders, risk stakeholders and suppliers, they should adapt the threats and use the ISF Threat Horizon Service to visualise the impact on their organisation, before agreeing how to respond.

Threat Horizon gave the board confidence to prioritise budget for improved resilience – ISF Member