The Unicorn Leader’s Self-help Guide to Confidence and Competence

Amanda Fennell
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What defines a competent leader ?

Amanda Fennell, CISO & CIO at Prove, joins ISF CEO Steve Durbin to discuss the vital role of emotional intelligence in cybersecurity leadership. Fennell introduces the concept of “unicorn leadership,” where leaders uniquely combine technical skills with emotional intelligence, enabling them to confidently inspire and effectively manage their teams. She emphasises the rarity of such leaders and the importance of continuous learning and personal development to cultivate these qualities.

…You have to be a unicorn in this industry now. You can’t just be a tech person who knows all the ports and protocols. You also need to understand people…and be able to lead with empathy…

Tune in to hear more about:

  1. Teaching technical skills and emotional intelligence in a technical field (2:25)
  2. Security leaders’ communication and education strategies (4:35)
  3. Security fundamentals and vulnerability management (10:37)
  4. Evolving role of CISOs, career progression, and coping with stress in security leadership positions (13:21)
  5. Managing stress and mental health in leadership roles (18:57)