The ISF’s Information Risk Assessment Methodology 2 (IRAM2) is a globally recognised approach that enables risk practitioners to perform end-to-end business focused information risk assessment in a way that supports engagement with business stakeholders.

Our consultants will help your organisation realise the full potential of IRAM2 by:

  • defining a risk appetite and supporting resources (for example, a Business Impact Reference Table) to reflect the risk posture of your management and nature of your business
  • Identifying your threat profile to highlight threat actors, threat attributes and threat events that are relevant to your organisation.
  • Assessing existing vulnerabilities
  • Helping you to develop pragmatic risk treatment plans.

ISF consultants can either train your own staff to perform IRAM2 risk assessments, undertake full risk assessments for you, or deliver a combination of these approaches.

Case Study:

ISF Consultants helped a large organisation from the Oil and Gas sector to carry out the Scoping, Business Impact Assessment, Threat Profiling and Vulnerability Assessment phrases of IRAM2 risk assessment methodology, culminating in a comprehensive plan to mitigate risk to a critical business system.

Executive Summary

Information Risk Assessment (IRAM2)

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