The Cyber Security Strategies report explores the nature of existing and emerging cyber threats, discusses potential common root causes for cyber security breaches, and provides guidance on cyber security strategies and approaches organisations might adopt.

The full report responds to the challenges of cyberspace by proposing a way forward which will, over time, help organisations improve their future wellbeing in cyberspace. It also includes:

  • Diagnostic Tool which is designed to measure an enterprise’s present and desired state of maturity against cyber security capabilities, as recommended by the ISF Cyber Resilience Framework.

To demonstrate how business leaders and information security professionals can build and embed cyber resilience in their organisational structure, planning processes, information risk management and information security initiatives, the ISF has mapped the findings of our extensive research programme to both the UK Government’s ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’ and the questions raised by the US Senate Commerce Committee. Learn more about achieving cyber resilience.

Executive Summary

Cyber Security Strategies: Achieving cyber resilience

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