Consultancy Overview

Providing critical solutions and expert guidance through award-winning consultancy, harnessing the full potential of ISF to power ultimate benefit for your business.

Our award-winning consultancy services provide organisations globally with tailored, pragmatic support, translating technical insight into clear business-focused guidance, helping organisations to achieve their information security goals.

Available to ISF Member and non-Member organisations.

Security Healthcheck

ISF Consultancy Security Healthcheck is a strategic, practical assessment. Based on the leading ISF Benchmark tool and aligned to the ISF Standard of Good Practice, the Security Healthcheck measures performance against the ISF’s 17 categories of information security and allows you to compare the results with your industry peers.

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Cyber Security Exercises

ISF Consultancy Cyber Security Exercises immerse your team in realistic, tailored scenarios, testing your organisation’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber attacks in a timely and effective manner.

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Standard of Good Practice for Information Security

The ISF Standard of Good Practice for Information Security (SOGP), assists organisations to review and update their information security policies. The SOGP also forms the basis of the ISF Benchmark which enables Members to identify existing gaps and update security policy frameworks, whilst additionally comparing against peers and industry best practice.

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