Unseen and Unheard: Creating an inclusive culture through storytelling

Ruth Rathblott
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Diversity and inclusion expert, Ruth Rathblott, joins ISF CEO Steve Durbin to discuss the broader context of diversity beyond the gender checkbox and the importance of vulnerability in inclusive leadership. She shares her personal journey of hiding and then revealing her limb difference, highlighting how storytelling fosters understanding and creates stronger, more empathetic work communities for those with hidden disabilities and less visible identities.

…Often, when we talk about diversity, we talk about race, we talk about gender, and maybe we’ll talk about sexual orientation as part of the conversation. And then my follow-up question was, what about my disability?….

Tune in to hear more about:

  1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on disability inclusion (0:00)
  2. Hiding and sharing personal aspects of one’s identity in the workplace, with a focus on disability and diversity (5:08)
  3. Leadership vulnerability and creating a safe space for teams to thrive (10:26)
  4. The benefits of “unhiding” in the workplace, leading to increased trust, retention, and innovation (14:41)
  5. Uncovering hidden potential through self-awareness and connection (18:49)