Technology will underpin all aspects of modern society by 2019, profoundly impacting the way people live and work. Business leaders face a stark dilemma: should they rush to adopt new technology and risk major fallout if things go wrong; or wait and potentially lose ground to competitors? Organisations that are well-informed about emerging technologies and corresponding threats will be best placed to make winning decisions.

Threat Horizon reports, produced annually by the ISF, are intended for business leaders who want to understand cyber risks and their potential impacts, in order to make critical decisions about the future success of their organisation. Threat Horizon 2019 presents nine major threats organisations can expect to face over the next two to three years and groups them under three key themes:

1 – DISRUPTION: from an over reliance on fragile connectivity
1.1 Premeditated internet outages bring trade to its knees
1.2 Ransomware hijacks the Internet of Things
1.3 Privileged insiders coerced into giving up their crown jewels

2 – DISTORTION: as trust in the integrity of information is lost
2.1 Automated misinformation gains instant credibility
2.2 Falsified information compromises performance
2.3 Subverted blockchains shatter trust

3 – DETERIORATION: when controls are eroded by regulations and technology
3.1 Surveillance laws expose corporate secrets
3.2 Privacy regulations impede the monitoring of insider threats
3.3 A headlong rush to deploy AI leads to unexpected outcomes.


Executive Summary & Report

Threat Horizon 2019: Disruption. Distortion. Deterioration

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