In a digital age, the internet is viewed by businesses and individuals alike as a basic utility. Businesses are dependent upon it and this, in itself, is a threat that cyber criminals can take advantage of. We saw in May 2017 how the NHS attack on its critical infrastructure led to a shutdown of the NHS Windows systems, causing medical professionals to have to resort to pens and paper when noting patient data. Moreover, a few years ago Russian hackers cut the internet off in Estonia in a national attack on their critical infrastructure, resulting in business grinding to a halt. The internet is a part of every businesses infrastructure, so what is the impact if this is compromised and what should a business response plan look like?

Steve Durbin, Managing Director ISF, offers solutions for C-suite leaders, should their critical infrastructure come under attack and advises how a reliance on older technology can assist an organisation through an internet attack. Fundamentally, whilst the future is becoming more and more digitised, organisations need to be planning for the day when their technology is not working.