We’ve been encouraged to embrace IoT for its convenience and its integration into our daily lives. But what happens when the Internet of Things bites back?

In today’s ISF podcast, ISF Managing Director Steve Durbin and podcast host Tavia Gilbert brings you the third episode in a series focusing on Threat Horizon 2022: When digital and physical worlds collide. In the series so far, Steve has explored threats that business enterprises will face between now and 2022, the consumer backlash to data harvesting and behavioural analytics, and the enormous threat of deepfakes.

In today’s episode, Steve and Tavia look more in-depth at the threat posed by the Internet of Forgotten Things. How the cheap, easy-to-produce IoT devices of today, many of which were never intended to be patched or updated, might become the security risks of tomorrow as well as the complicated legal regulations regarding the production and use of these devices.


Show notes

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